Ready for another mission?

Step 1

After visiting us at Clue HQ you may have been given a Clue HQ Return Voucher. As long as you’ve kept hold of this voucher, you can book at a discounted price. You’ll need to bring this voucher with you when you visit.

Choose any Clue HQ location from the main page. All Clue HQ locations will accept the Return Offer (for up to 6 guests) which costs between £60 to £69 per team depending on location.

Step 2

Go to book your game as usual, and when prompted in the Discount Code or Coupon Code box, enter RETURN007 as your code. All capitals and with no spaces. Your game will discounted before you book. At some locations you’ll need to book the game for 6 guests for the discount to apply (even if not that many are playing).

Discount Code: RETURN007

Step 3

Bring your voucher with you on the day of your game.

No voucher? You’ll need to pay any difference in price before playing.

If you have any issue booking, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Click or tap the ‘Contact’ page whilst on the location’s website to send them a message.

Please note, that from the 1st November 2019, some locations have changed their return offer pricing to £69 per game.