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Clue HQ offers the best team building experiences and exercises in Birmingham and the West Midlands and is easily accessible from nearby location thanks to fantastic road links with the M6 its location a couple of minutes walk from Snow Hill Station.

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“The game was a great team building exercise, without feeling like a team building exercise”

Taking people out of the office for team building events is common, and companies are always looking for something a bit different. The escape games at Clue HQ Birmingham provide a themed experience and are impossible to complete without working as a team – naturally improving players communication and team interaction skills. After the game, players always discuss how they could have got out (if they didn’t) or might have escaped faster if they did.










Make Clue HQ your next Team Building activity

You get a chance to see another version of your colleagues – of course, everyone is quiet and just wants to do their work while at the office, but do you really know your colleagues? If not, you should definitely get to know them better.

You see how everyone reacts in particular situations – let’s face it – escape games for team building are not only focused on simple games. There are many confusing experiences in which intelligence and other abilities are fundamental for solving the main idea of the game. This said, you can finally get a better view on your colleagues and how everyone acts in a particular situation.

See if they are the perfect fit for the job – In the event that you are a manger in a company, bringing your team to an escape room at Clue HQ will definitely tell you whether your decision maker is really capable of making the decisions, or even boost you with confidence as a leader, solving the game better than anyone else.

Get a chance to laugh it off – There are certainly some shy coworkers of yours and people who simply don’t want to get exposed while at work. We assure you that being locked in a room with a riddle will definitely give you a chance to laugh things off with every colleague and get to know them really well.

Ramp up your team’s productivity – Just imagine how relaxed the next Monday will be, just because you have treated your team to an escape game on the previous Friday – in which everyone had a great time. The positive mood and energy will definitely result in better productivity.

Finally, team building, open communication and settling things down to a more personal level is what each team should do at least once in a month. Give your team the happy moments they deserve – visit us for an escape game at Clue HQ Birmingham and enjoy the amazing professional benefits.

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