The Hellevator


If you haven’t searched for the hidden codes yet… head over to our Facebook page (why not give it a like while your there…)

Here’s how it all works. In the video on Clue HQ Birmingham’s Facebook page, there are 5 hidden codes. These will be of the following.

  • 1 three digit code
  • 1 four digit code
  • 1 five digit code
  • 1 four letter word
  • 1 fiver letter word

You don’t need all 5 codes in order to enter, you only need a minimum of 1. You won’t know if your codes are correct, neither can we confirm on each entry we get. Each email address can submit one application.

5 ‘test’ games will be selected, which will mean a game will be played under test conditions, at no cost to the team. These games will take place on either Friday 13th October 2017 or Saturday 14th October 2017. If you are a winner, you’ll be contacted via e-mail by the 3rd October 2017 and be given a specific date and time slot. If you are unable to confirm the slot within 24 hours, it will be offered to another winner.

We choose 1 winner from each ‘successful password amount’ group. Eg. 1 from the teams getting all 5 passwords. 1 from the teams getting 4 passwords etc. Obviously, the more passwords you obtain, the better chance of winning there is.

Teams are from 2 to 6. Also involved in the choosing will be seeding, to ensure a team of 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 are picked. This is to best test the game with different amounts of players.

Any email address entered, will be added to our email marketing.

The competition closes for entries at 1st October 2017 at 18hrs 55m.

All applications are reviewed and judged – so make it fun and entertaining. It is not drawn randomly.

Further terms and conditions will most certainly apply to this competition. Please contact for further details. We also withhold the right to cancel the competition should we deem it to be necessary at any time.

This competition has now closed.