Clueston: We Have A Problem… Everything you need to know about Clue HQ Warrington’s newest escape room game

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As an escape game enthusiast (who also works at an escape room… yes, I’m living the dream) I thought I’d give you the lowdown on Clue HQ Warrington’s newest escape room game.

Clueston: We Have A Problem is Clue HQ’s most technically advanced escape room yet. It’s an exciting, hands on game which also features no padlocks! I can already hear you asking, “how do you escape if there are no padlocks?” The answer is simple: having no padlocks in an escape room allows us to be more inventive with game progression in ways which we haven’t done before. Padlocks will appear in the format of keypads or dials or objects which personally, I find really exciting as it’s different from seeing the usual 4 or 5 numerical padlocks or the occasional directional lock.

There is a lot to see and do inside of the game; with an impressive 2000 LED lights used within the game, smoke effects and sound feedback orientated props and puzzles, the entire game is interactive in one way or another and of course, full of drama. The puzzles in the game were designed to have a heavy ‘hands on’ feel, so instead of solving a maths puzzles, you have physical items which you need to figure out how to use, and then use them to help you solve the puzzle. You’ll also need to spot satellites out of the windows, along with attempt to communicate with aliens if you want to escape.

And last, but certainly not least, we have our own very cute space dog called Cosmo, whose only desire is to help you to escape and keep you company.

Clueston: We Have A Problem is available to book now and has already seen a mad rush of enthusiasts, families and friends come down and take a ride on the ‘Hinternational Space Station’. Why don’t you? It’s suitable for teams of up to 2 to 6 and, as ever, is perfect for team building events or just as something to do.

I look forward to seeing you space explorers in Clue HQ Warrington’s newest (and in my personal opinion best) escape room game!

Clue HQ Warrington Ambassador