5 great ways to win at an escape room

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Do you want to make sure that your the team’s star player when you next attempt an escape room? Here’s 5 top tips for how to win at an escape room (you didn’t get this from me).

The rules are there to guide you

Ok, ok, we know it’s not the coolest thing to say, but the rules are genuinely there to help guide you through your game. Unless a games host (aka me) tells you not to touch anything or objects are labelled ‘do not touch’, assume everything inside the has a purpose. Don’t be afraid to ask questions immediately upon entering the room if there is something you see but are not sure is included in the game. This will prevent any wasted time at the start of the game.  Always be open minded but please don’t rip out the floorboards… We need those.

Split up – there will be lots to do

If you find yourself watching someone solve a puzzle and notice they can probably do it on their own, take a walk around the room. It’s likely something else can be solved at the same time which will no doubt improve your changes of escaping or bring your escape time right down. You’d be surprised at how fast an hour can go when you’re trying to figure out what Danny Badd has been up to these days.

Organisation is key… (key pun)

Always be organized, remember that each key, code, and puzzle is only used once inside Clue HQ games. Try to keep any keys you have used in the padlock you have unlocked! There’s nothing more infuriating than running around with a key that’s already been used! Always cross off any codes on your note taking device and tell the group what has been used. In rooms which have fewer padlocks (or none at all) check if whatever you’ve just done has opened something as it’s not always too obvious.

Clue not clicking? Get support

Don’t feel like you need to solve the entire game on your own! Firstly, if you’ve spent a few minutes on a puzzle which doesn’t seem to be making sense – ask for support from your team mates. Fresh eyes and minds on a problem can always help. Also, your games host is watching and listening the entire time! We can send a clue at any point inside the game, these will always come through on our tv clue systems.

Constantly communicate

Always talk to your team. The best way to win at an escape room is to let each other know what’s been solved, what codes have been found (and used), and what you are moving onto next.


I hope these 5 top tips at how to win at an escape room help you on your visit and we hope to see you soon!

Games Host
Clue HQ Warrington