What we are doing during the Coronavirus Outbreak

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Coronavirus (Covid-19) and what we are doing as an escape room

Like everyone at the moment we are feeling the pressures of the outbreak on our business. We’ve received lots of emails requesting cancellations or further information as to what we are doing in order to make visits to our Clue HQ locations extra safe.

Notifications have been sent out to all of our locations across the UK, advising them of additional cleaning that should take place between games along with having facilities to allow guests and team members to clean their hands on a more frequent basis. Here is what we are doing in order to ensure that guests still have great and safe time at Clue HQ across the UK.

> Between each game, we are disinfecting all handheld props, padlocks, door handles, and similar items inside the physical escape room
> Photo hold boards are being disinfected between each game session
> Team members have been instructed to wash their hands after every reset
> Additional sanitising of mission control areas (for our team), in particular desktops, mouse and keyboards, and work areas.
> Along with routine toilet checks and cleaning, additional cleaning tasks have been introduced between games cleaning door locks, toilet flush handle, sink taps etc.
> Where stocks apply, sanitising gel is available to guests for use before and after their visit (some locations are awaiting stock), if gel is not available, guests are able to wash hands in the bathrooms with soap and water
> Where stocks apply, gloves are available for use by guests should they wish (some locations are awaiting stock)
> No blindfolds are being used for any game which do normally use them
> No costumes for those sites who use props for photos are being used
> All non-game doors are cleaned between each game, including entrance and exits to the property

I really hope this reassures our guests and that you’ll still be up for escaping with us soon. Please do not hesitate to contact the location directly ahead of your booking if you want to ask any questions. Full details of how to contact each location, are available on their website.

Stuart Rowlands
Managing Director
Clue HQ