“All Aboard!” the newest escape game at Clue HQ – Warrington

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New runaway escape train – the new escape room in Warrington now open

End of the Line‘ is the latest fun-filled escape room in Warrington – which has been unveiled at Clue HQ. Guests are tasked with halting a moving train before they reach, you guessed it, the end of the line. The theme makes excellent use of the venue which is located in one of the railway arches beneath Warrington Central train station.

The Clue HQ design team have stepped up their game with this latest creation having designed an incredibly realistic replica of the inside of a train carriage right down to their very own Clue HQ themed moquette (the distinctive design found on seats on most forms of public transport). The Clue HQ team also booked themselves into the drivers cabin of a train from Southport to Liverpool Lime Street in order to acquire the footage of rolling scenery that can be seen in the finished game. These design choices are sure to thoroughly set the scene for teams attempting to escape the newest challenge at the Warrington venue.

All the in-game footage used to simulate the feeling of a real train was shot locally on Merseyrail

“I think the atmosphere is just as important as the puzzles when it comes to escape games; lights, video, sound, it all adds up to the overall experience which is why we like to put in the effort to make sure everything is just right. I think it really makes the difference once the guests are in there and lose themselves in game.”
– Mark Farrent, Operations Manager, Clue HQ – Warrington

End of the Line is sure to offer a challenging hour of puzzle solving fun for both new and veteran escapees alike. If you want to board the latest creation at Clue HQ – Warrington you can book your tickets now at cluehq.co.uk/warrington or call 0333 335 0030. Prices start from £15 per person, and games are suitable for groups of 2 to 6 people. Not sure where we are? You can find out here.