Valentine’s Escape Room Offer

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Escape Date – We’re running a Valentine’s Escape Room offer & competition

Why is an escape room the perfect valentines date? Because most other activities are either boring, cringey, or awkward as hell. Even better; we have a special valentine’s escape room offer available AND the chance to win a free game!

Quick reasons of why to choose an escape room for valentine’s over other stuff

  • Enjoy not being crammed into a crowded restaurant, who’ve booked a live singer to howl love songs while you eat overpriced food and pretend you’re having a nice time.
  • Avoid any chance of seeing him yawn loudly and try to put his arm around you at the cinema.
  • More exciting than flowers.
  • Less fattening than a box of chocolates.

If the above isn’t enough, some other things to consider…

Escape rooms draw on all of the key foundation skills that successful and long-lasting relationships require. They’re a great place to exercise challenges, overcome obstacles and enjoy 60-minutes of each other’s company with no mobile phones involved.

Prove to each other you’re the perfect team

For some puzzles it is physically impossible to go it alone, as 2 players are required to complete the task at hand. This is exactly the same with a relationship, it isn’t just about one person alone there are two in the relationship and a lot of team work is required to ensure that the puzzles and trials of a relationship can be overcome.

Those who escape together, stay together!

Problem solving is a big part of relationships, whether it’s figuring out where to go to eat, whose turn it is to do the dishes, or simply whose turn is it to be the big spoon – we’re helping you to harness your problem-solving skills. Your next problem should 100% be which game you’re going to choose to play.

We’re not love experts but what we can promise you is that for 60 minutes we can allow you to enjoy each other’s company, cheer each other on, and maybe laugh at each other. So, what are you waiting for?

“My other half isn’t really into escape games though…”

They what now? If this is the case, there is clearly no hope for them. We’d recommend bringing a new date instead.

The best news is that we’ve got a special offer running at some of our locations, to see them head to our Facebook page (give it a like while you there). We’ll also be running a Facebook competition in the next few days which will go live across multiple locations, so keep an eye out for that! If you fancy booking using the discount codes you can do so here for Warrington, Manchester, or Birmingham. We’ve promoted the offer of a Valentine’s escape room however it can be used any day from when this post is live until the 18th February 2020.


Games Host

*Please note Clue HQ cannot be responsible for any arguments caused from not escaping.

**Offer terms:
Valid from 1st February 2020 to 18th February 2020 on games played during this time period. 10% off code can be used on Games for 2. 15% off code can be used on Games for 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7. All normal terms and conditions apply. Offer available at participating locations only. Please contact specific location if you are having trouble booking. Only available online. Code must be entered at ‘coupon code’ section of booking. Code must be used at the time of booking.